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Dear Friends,

On behalf of all of us at Jetwing, let me wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2014! We do hope you had an enjoyable holiday season and have slotted in Sri Lanka for your summer or winter break this year. Believe me, you will not be disappointed… Sri Lanka and all those who live here will touch your heart and leave unforgettable memories. Just ask someone who has been here before!

Our newest addition, Jetwing Yala was officially opened by Hon. Basil Rajapaksa, Minister of Economic Development on 27th January, 2014. The date is a special one, being the birthday of our late founder Herbert Cooray and Yala a place very close to his heart. With Jetwing Yala, we intend to recreate the Deep South as a destination of much experiences and activities. There is so much to do in that area. The obvious being the storied Yala National Park with its leopard, elephants and sloth bear, the holy shrine of Kataragama, the historic Sithulpahuwa and the vehera’s at Tissamaharama, the great basses for diving, the Kirinda fishing village etc. etc. It is indeed a pity to spend simply a day and merely visit the National Park. We are in the process of creating many stimulating experiences, enticing you to spend at least 3 nights if not more at Jetwing Yala. The hotel overlooks the Indian Ocean and is embraced by magnificent sand dunes. The glorious beach in front of the hotel is sure to give you the space and the privacy to bask in the sun whilst sipping a cocktail and reading a book may be. If you are not a beach bum, why not try the tempting pool? With the recent opening of the International Airport at Mattala, we are confident that the Deep South will be a much sort after destination before long.

At Jetwing Travels too, we have introduced many new and interesting tour experiences. You could check our websites, including www.srilankanselect.com to view some of them or simply contact us. Colombo will be ablaze once again with the popular Nawam Perehera scheduled to take place next month. The Gangaramaya Temple will once again be the focal point and visitors will be able to enjoy a beautiful pageant once again. This is also the season to climb Adam’s Peak. I am hoping to do so myself before my legs get more wobbly! Believe me, it is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

Our new office is almost complete and some of us, including myself will move in there. It is right next to our existing office at Nawam Mawatha and will enable us to bring the Jetwing Holidays and Jetwing Air colleagues who are at another location to be with the rest of us. This is an exciting prospect and I look forward to that… which means I have to start packing pretty soon!

From all of us at Jetwing, we hope your year will be eventful, exciting and adventurous!

With warm wishes,

Adam’s Peak (also known as Sri Pada) is Sri Lanka’s holy mountain, where people from all faiths go on pilgrimage to worship the footprint of Lord Buddha or Adam, depending on individual beliefs. Adam’s Peak is a sanctified place of worship to people of all faiths atop a 2, 243 meter high mountain in the southwest corner of the highlands. The Peak happens to be the only mountain in the world, where four major religions gather to worship. Due to its historical significance to various people, the mountain, itself, is referred to by a variety of terms. The pilgrim season will begin from December and continues till May; it is the only pilgrimage season in the country that lasts six months while January and February are the busiest. Approximately 300,000 pilgrims visit Adam’s Peak per year in the period of fine weather, during the long weekends and full moon Poya days.

Jetwing launches Nihal’s by the Spa

In keeping to their commitment towards the finest in cuisine, Sri Lanka’s premier hospitality brand Jetwing has launched their very first branded restaurant – Nihal’s by the Spa, headed by internationally renowned Executive Chef Nihal Senanayake and located at Jetwing Lighthouse, Galle…

More Info

Jetwing Yala opens

Welcome to a world with no rules, no restrictions… welcome to Yala – untamed, mysterious, and magical. For centuries, this incredible destination has been revered as an unparalleled testament to the beauty of the wilderness, nature in its purest and rawest form…

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Asia’s most romantic resorts

Nothing quite says romance like a secluded spot on an exotic island, fringed by powdery white beaches and deep aqua blue waters, or a lush green jungle brimming with biodiversity, complemented by a world class spa that engages the best of nature. The world’s largest continent, Asia, naturally contains all of the above…

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Jetwing Hotels Dominates Top 25 Sri Lankan Hotels List

Jetwing Hotels is now the largest resort chain in the island, with 21 properties within the country. As befitting a reputation of excellence and being Sri Lanka’s premier hospitality brand, 4 Jetwing properties have been listed in the recently published Top 25 Hotels in Sri Lanka by TripAdvisor as part of their 2014 Travelers’ Choice Awards.

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In pictures: Sri Lanka’s war tourism

Tourists are flocking into the island’s northeast following the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, worrying some residents.
Is Sri Lanka’s government using tourism to whitewash its alleged war crimes? While the island has become a top destination for foreign visitors, a very different – and far more macabre – tourism industry has flourished in silence…

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36 hrs in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is so jam-packed with alluring outdoorsy activities that visitors often high-tail it out of the capital a day or two after arriving, choosing instead to spend their vacation days lounging on a southern beach, whale-watching off the coast or leopard-spotting in a national park…

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The Three by Jetwing

The Three by Jetwing is a fusion of Asian design, Scandinavian thinking, western standard and Jetwing hospitality, combined in perfect harmony. Offering all guests a piece of tranquility and luxury living that is emphasized by the design and concept. This boutique hotel offers all guests a piece of tranquility and luxury living. All six suites are gracefully decorated in white and have outdoor bathrooms overlooking a small lush private garden. The stylish hotel is located on a hill and from the 60 foot long infinity pool you have a spectacular view over the deep blue Indian Ocean. If you want to experience the true Sri Lanka and still live in style – this is the place to be.

Click here for more info

Whilst on holiday with us, all our customers have countless exceptional service encounters and experiences that delight them. We at Jetwing believe each of these encounters or ‘Moments’ are an opportunity for us and our staff to truly connect with each other. We have published above (and will do so in every issue of Tailor-Made News) such instances to highlight bonds and friendships that will never be forgotten.

Our social media sites are an ideal platform to interact with fellow travellers and share experiences and suggestions. You are welcome to log onto our website or visit our Facebook page and upload your images and share your experiences with us and the rest of the world.

Commuting along the cradle where the finest tea in the world is been produced

The Tranquil Forest & Whale Adventure

Venture out into the ocean off the famed coast of Mirissa and encounter the magnificent Whales – the largest mammal to roam the earth after the age of the dinosaurs.
For more details: Click Here

Beach Stays in Sri Lanka

Enjoy your lovely Breakfast overlooking the Indian Ocean. Relax under the Sun or simply read a book by the pool with a fresh king coconut drink.
For more details: Click Here

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