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The streets are decked with colourful Buddhist flags, lanterns of various shapes, colours and sizes; pandals pictorially depicting different aspects of Lord Buddha’s life, lit in multi coloured lights and loud speakers narrating the story to eager eyed onlookers at various city corners; the “dansala” giving away food and sweets to passersby are all around us. Yes, it is Vesak, the Poya day commemorating the birth, death and the enlightenment of Lord Buddha. The temples around the country are busy with devotees lighting oil lamps, chanting prayers, offering beautiful lotus flowers and fruits to the Gods. The stalls around these temples are also having brisk sales of the various offerings, multi coloured drinks and local sweetmeats. It is indeed a lovely time to be in Sri Lanka. One can truly experience an important aspect of being Sri Lankan, and the traditional Buddhist life style. For those who missed it this year, please try to make it next year in the month of May!

We’ve also had quite a hectic time at the Head Office in Jetwing. The new office building, Jetwing House 2 was completed and all of us have now moved into either Jetwing House 1 or 2. It is indeed a lovely feeling that all units are now in one location. Jetwing Air, Jetwing Holidays, Jetwing Travels, Jetwing Events, Jetwing Eco Holidays, Sales and Reservations of Jetwing Hotels are all together now.

The construction of Jetwing Colombo is going on and we are hopeful it will be completed in the 1st quarter of 2016! In the meantime Sri Lanka is having many different types of accommodation developed in various parts of the country. These are priced at various levels and has a place that will suit any budget. We certainly are excited at the prospects, being 5 years since the end of the hostilities and the North and the East of the country is also enjoying the peace and prosperity that it brought. Our Jetwing Yarl, a city Hotel in Jaffna also commenced construction after an unfortunate delay.

Until next time, happiness and God’s Blessings!

With warm wishes,

As over 100 delegates and representatives of the international media flocked to the shores of Sri Lanka for a historic event, where national air carrier Sri Lankan Airlines became the first South Asian carrier to join global alliance oneworld, a homegrown and family owned company played the vital role of host – Jetwing Hotels. Many followed up their stay with a variety of comments, particularly on the beauty of Sri Lanka and the friendliness of her people, and also compliments on the quality of cuisine and the design of Jetwing hotels.

Tourism bullish Jetwing in Rs. 8 b expansion

Family-owned Jetwing is harnessing the post-war rebound in tourism with an on-going expansion worth around Rs. 8 billion. Chairman Hiran Cooray told the Daily FT that the overall expansion has already seen the opening of several new properties.

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Jetwing Vil Uyana wins gold at Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

Jetwing Vil Uyana, a flagship property of Sri Lanka’s premier hospitality brand Jetwing, walked away with the Environment Award at the 2014 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards organised by the World Travel & Tourism Council and held in Hainan, China.

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Robert Walshe Destination Report Sri-Lanka Easter 2014

Robert Walshe, Chief Executive and Head of Programmes of the Q Radio and TV Network Ireland speaks about his recent visit to Sri Lanka and his stay at Jetwing.

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Jetwing Lagoon victor at National Green Awards

Sri Lanka’s premier hospitality brand Jetwing Hotels once again was recognized for its efforts towards sustainable operations, with top-end resort Jetwing Lagoon walking away with the Gold Award in the Hotel Sector at the National Green Awards held on 12 May 2014 at the BMICH.

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The next holiday hotspot…is Sri Lanka the new Bali?

It’s a small island off the south coast of India and it’s being touted as the new Bali. So what is it about Sri Lanka that has travellers sitting up and taking notice? We spoke to Australian photographer, Lincoln Jubb, who recently returned from a trip to Sri Lanka, about why he thinks this place is so special.

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Sri Lanka shows its wild side as country aims to increase tourism

Sri Lanka has a huge and diversified eco system, with a larger part of the island nation still green and unexplored. Many foreign investors have already pumped in money to develop Sri Lanka as a tourist destination. “You can see how serious we are to promote tourism in the country.”

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Yathra by Jetwing

Yathra by Jetwing is designed to be a journey that will evoke a thousand emotions, and one to be shared amongst your family, friends, or significant other. The first of its kind, the design is inspired by the houseboats of the Kerala backwaters and upgraded to the star class status that Jetwing is famed for. Featuring two cabins, brilliantly and lovingly designed with comfort and comfort alone in mind along with attached bathrooms and private balconies as well as private dining areas, Yathra by Jetwing sails on the mysterious and beautiful Bentota River.

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Whilst on holiday with us, all our customers have countless exceptional service encounters and experiences that delight them. We at Jetwing believe each of these encounters or ‘Moments’ are an opportunity for us and our staff to truly connect with each other. We have published above (and will do so in every issue of Tailor-Made News) such instances to highlight bonds and friendships that will never be forgotten.

Our social media sites are an ideal platform to interact with fellow travellers and share experiences and suggestions. You are welcome to log onto our website or visit our Facebook page and upload your images and share your experiences with us and the rest of the world.

Vesak Festival
The riots of colour and bright lights that have come to symbolize the Vesak festivities in full splendour around Sri Lanka

Kandy Esala Perahera

We invite you to come and witness the most spectacular religious procession in Asia.

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Middle East

Reach your destiny towards the shore on a beautiful layer of peacock blue wave, with bright sunshine to welcome you to the beautiful island paradise.

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Beach Stays in Sri Lanka

Enjoy your lovely Breakfast overlooking the Indian Ocean. Relax under the Sun or simply read a book by the pool with a fresh king coconut drink.

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