Tailor-Made News – August 2014

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Tailormade News – August 2014


Dear Friends,

Most of you must be right in the middle of the summer holidays! Sri Lanka has had a very healthy growth in visitor numbers to our shores in the first seven months of this year. Thank you to those of you who have been here and spread the word around, either by word of mouth or via various social media. We have had excellent reviews and that has helped both Sri Lanka and Jetwing to host more and more visitors.

Our infrastructure is improving rapidly – the southern expressway is now extended up to Matara and will soon be up to Hambantota. There is also the ring road that will connect the Airport and the Southern expressway being built. Many new Hotels, some big and some small have come up along with many new and exciting experiences that are being promoted around the country. Some of the old office buildings near the Independence square has been beautifully restored and is now a popular destination with shopping and stylish dining options and has been named “The Arcade”. This is a must see during your next visit to Sri Lanka.

The world renowned Kandy Pageant was just completed last week and those who had the good fortune to witness it has been ecstatic. Now the Minneriya Elephant Gathering will begin and there will be hundreds of elephants in the wild parading for all to see. The East Coast is having many new visitors this year as the number of Hotels in the area has also increased.

Some of you may have seen our country promotions on CNN. We have done extensive promotions in China and have just commenced a Taxi campaign in the United Kingdom. We hope this will keep Sri Lanka on everyone’s mind.

With warm wishes,

British Airways in cooperation with Jetwing will bring a unique and a memorable fundraising program known as ‘The Coast to Coast Tuk Tuk Challenge’. The charity program is designed to provide an exclusive experience in supporting the local community in selected locations and the opportunity to touch the hearts and bring a smile to those rural communities, villagers and children through a heartfelt experience. The challenge will set off on a journey that captures the true essence of this pearl-drop island; the lush hill station, World heritage sites, Centre of Buddhism and along stretches of Eastern beaches and turquoise waters; styled with carefully tailored tasks in the most unique and prestigious manner.

Studying our distant cousins

Elusive and tiny they are, with overwhelmingly large soulful eyes, and certainly not considered a match for the majestic and enigmatic mammals that Sri Lanka boasts of. Having seen the loris once in a way, Chaminda certainly did not think so and this was why when Jetwing Hotels launched a research initiative three years ago…

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Why Sri Lanka is super rich for wildlife

Sri Lanka is a puzzle: it has large animals which a moderately sized island should not have. In fact it has the highest annually recurring concentration of wild elephants and possibly the highest density of leopards. Unusually for a continental island, large whales are close to shore (best for Blue Whale and super-pods of Sperm Whales).

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Jetwing unveils solar power plant at Sri Lanka Resort

Sri Lankan hospitality company Jetwing has opened the country’s largest privately-owned solar power plant at the Jetwing Yala hotel, on Sri Lanka’s south coast. The new energy system features 1,122 solar panels covering an area of more than 5,000m…

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Annual closure of Yala National Park for Visitors

The Yala National Park will be closed for the visitors from 01st to 30th September 2014 due to prevailing drought and maintenance. This will help restoration of natural eco system. The park will be reopened for visitors on 1st October 2014.

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Sri Lanka Tourism launches taxi advertising campaign in UK

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has launched an International Tourism Promotional campaign in order to increase awareness of destination Sri Lanka in countries around the world. As part of this campaign 1200 taxis will be branded featuring key tourism attractions of Sri Lanka in major destinations around the world including UK, France, Germany, Korea..

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Yacht and houseboat tourism to be promoted in Sri Lanka

Boat building, tourism and fisheries combined together would bring in a new lease for Sri Lanka’s leisure industry soon as things are worked out to have Maldives-styled luxury boats for tourists to spend their holiday. Sri Lanka too is an island and having harbours around the country the industry is being encouraged to go into this sector, very soon…

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Jetwing Thalahena Villas

Jetwing Thalahena Villas is a holiday villa situated on the Western Coast of Sri Lanka. The Villa has three bedrooms and a pool, with a garden that leads right out onto the beach front and the Indian Ocean. This tranquil haven is decked out for comfort. The quiet atmosphere only challenged by the crashing of the waves, it is the perfect place to unwind and relax. The property also has the advantage of being located opposite Jetwing Lagoon and guests can indulge in all the resort has to offer.

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Whilst on holiday with us, all our customers have countless exceptional service encounters and experiences that delight them. We at Jetwing believe each of these encounters or ‘Moments’ are an opportunity for us and our staff to truly connect with each other. We have published above (and will do so in every issue of Tailor-Made News) such instances to highlight bonds and friendships that will never be forgotten.

Our social media sites are an ideal platform to interact with fellow travellers and share experiences and suggestions. You are welcome to log onto our website or visit our Facebook page and upload your images and share your experiences with us and the rest of the world.

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